Hair and Makeup Support for Japan Women’s National Volleyball Team

July 26th, 2016

On Monday, May 9, 2016, Shiseido provided hair and makeup support for the members of Japan Women's National Volleyball Team.

Shiseido’s hair and makeup artists applied makeup to the team members for natural and fresh images, which well illustrate athlete-like beauty, while also presenting their unique beauty and personalities of each member.
The artists successfully represented freshness with a light touch of cheek color to create natural and healthy complexion. They only used lip cream on the lips and just shaped the eyebrows. For the hairstyles, they used spray and bobby pins to secure the hair around the face and finished the style in a clean and neat manner; this was in response to the athletes’ request to “keep the hair away from the face when bowing”

Team members of “Hinotori Nippon” (JVA 2016--5-009) Team members of “Hinotori Nippon” (JVA 2016--5-009)