Shiseido Italy Supports Sport Featuring 5 Olympic Athletes

July 26th, 2016

Shiseido promotes sport supporting 5 Olympic athletes in their journey towards the most important appointment in the sports calendar: 2016 Olympic Games. Five champions, five sports, a single goal: sharing the values Shiseido has in common with the athletes chosen for this adventure.

Passion, dedication and energy, but also precision, high performance, strength and control are the keywords of this project which aim is to convey the excellence and the scientific nature of Shiseido through the universal language of beauty.

Shiseido followed the athletes in their everyday life, supported them during their challenges where commitment, endurance and stamina play a key role, the same as in the Shiseido products they represent.

The 5 Shiseido athletes are:

Alex Giorgetti (water polo): Energy and control are in the DNA of his sport, the same characteristics recognisable in the Shiseido Men range;

Flavia Tartaglini (windsurfing): Her strength is in the water, just like the Suncare Wet Force technology;

Cristina Chirichella (volleyball): Precision and high performance are both volleyball and the Bio-Performance skills;

Francesca Dallapé (synchronised diving): Coordination and synchronization are the key to success, the same as in the new Synchro Skin foundation;

Valerio Aspromonte (fencing): Always immune thanks to the power of defence, just like Ultimune.

This project comes with the hashtag #sharebeauty because living sport means living beauty. When we live beauty, we share it, and when we share it, we win.