Kevin Rolland for SHISEIDO MEN, a partnership under the sign of self-transcendence

July 26th, 2016

To accompany the launch of the Master Hydro Gel for March 2016, SHISEIDO MEN turned to Kevin Rolland, exceptional champion of freestyle skiing.

“It is a real honour for me to have been chosen by Shiseido as ambassador for the men’s range. For me, Shiseido is a prestigious brand that represents values of excellence that are dear to me.
When the team talked of freedom, balance, purity, energy, technicity and surpassing yourself, I was immediately seduced. It is a real comfort to be the ambassador of a brand and a product that convey your own values!”
Kevin Rolland

Kevin Rolland perfectly masters the control of the body to achieve excellence. What other sport can express the values that led to the design/conception of this new skincare generation?
Freestyle ski pushes athletes to shake up the lines of sport and to take risks. Such transcendence requires total body control. French skier freestyle, Kevin Rolland excels in this area.
His prowess in half-pipe led him to win numerous awards: Gold Medal at X Games USA (2016), Silver Medal at X Games USA (2015), bronze medal at the Sochi Olympic Games, first silver medal at the FIS Freestyle World Championships and winner AFP World Ranking (2014); he collects laurels since 2011.

It is therefore naturally that SHISEIDO MEN chose this young athlete of 26 years to carry out the values of the new Master Hydro Gel.
Freedom felt on the summits, the necessary balance to accomplish the greatest achievements, the purity of snowy landscapes, the high-level technique to exceed the close connection to nature… From the top of the summits, he is preparing for the big jump.

“Because an exit route
is not without risk
but worth living,
live your life without fear …”
Kevin Rolland