Synchronized Swimming

Montreal Wins Combo and Calgary Wins Top Title

July 26th, 2016

The Calgary Aquabelles won the junior team national crown on April 30, 2016, at the 2016 Shiseido Canadian Open Sycnhronized Swimming Championships.

The host club performed their Phoenix routine for a combined score of 153.4848 and won gold. The Regional Training Centre – Ontario had the second highest score of 152.3524 and Montreal Synchro received 148.5863, earning both teams silver. Quebec Excellence Synchro won bronze with 148.5558.

In open international competition, Mexico, represented by its Junior National Team, won gold with a score of 154.2641.


In the free combo finals, Montreal Synchro won its first combo national title with 80.3000. The Aquabelles, won silver with 79.2000, while Quebec Excellence Synchro received 76.1333 and won bronze.

In the international rankings, the Mexican Junior National Team received 83.2333 and won gold.

In the senior free team finals, the Aquabelles won gold with 77.1333. The Regional Training Centre – Ontario posted the second highest score of 75.9333 and, as a Training Centre entry, shared their silver medal with Québec Excellence Synchro. Dollard Synchro won bronze.

Ioana Gheta, from Synchro Laval, won gold in the senior duet free event with her sister Maria with a score of 77.4000.


Andrée-Anne Côté, from Québec Excellence Synchro, was awarded the Pat Murray Trophy as the top Junior Athlete of the competition.

The 2016 Suzanne Eon Trophy was awarded to Aurora Synchro’s Jennifer Parker, from Edmonton and the 2016 Charlotte Tutte Trophy was awarded to Kasia Kulesza, from Quebec Excellence Synchro.

Montreal Synchro combo team Montreal Synchro combo team