AUPRES Holds A Running Event

April 27th, 2017

The China-exclusive brand, AUPRES has been promoting a running event called AUPRES BEAUTY RUN from March 2017 in major cities across China. The AUPRES products have undergone a renewal this year with the brand concept of “Natural Beauty, Starts from Here”, to realize the “natural beauty” and “healthy skin”. Since AUPRES focuses on healthy, proper skin turnover, the brand threw this running event to appeal its key product, Base Care Essence, keeping it in sync with the benefit of running that boosts body circulation.

On March 19th, Wuxi Marathon was held in Wuxi city in southern Jiangsu province and the brand participated in EXPO, setting up a beauty salon from March 16th to 18th to check the skin conditions of the participating runners.

CITY BEAUTY RUN series has been promoted in 14 cities across China. At an event held in March in Fuzhou, Fujian province, all participants fully enjoyed themselves through all the activities from warming up to cool down. Going forward, the brand will hold events in Shanghai, Wuhan and Chongqing cities, with an upcoming Chinese actor, Elvis Han joining in the three events. In May and June, The Color Runs will be held in Hangzhou, Beijing and Chengdu cities, and in addition to that, a workshop on beauty and healthcare is also planned in June.