Lee Bo-Mee Wins “LPGA SHISEIDO Beauty of the Year”

April 20th, 2017

Shiseido Company, Limited (“Shiseido”) and the Ladies Professional Golfers’ Association of Japan (“LPGA”) have announced the first winner of “LPGA SHISEIDO Beauty of the Year”, an award to distinguish athletes who excel both in their play and their inward and outward beauty. The award went to Lee Bo-Mee, a South Korean golfer.
At the LPGA Award Ceremony held on December 20, 2016 (Tue), the winner was awarded a prize of 3 million Japanese yen, an additional prize of Shiseido cosmetic products and a Shiseido Parlour meal ticket, equivalent to 1 million Japanese yen in total value, and a trophy.

About LPGA SHISEIDO Beauty of the Year

Shiseido and LPGA signed an official partnership agreement under which Shiseido provides sunscreen products and holds beauty seminars for LPGA members. The activities are aimed not only at enhancing the value of LPGA in Japan and worldwide, but also at the promotion of sport in general and popularization of golf as a life-long sport that allows anyone be active and shine, regardless of age and gender.
Golf is a widely-practiced sport with many makeup opportunities. “LPGA SHISEIDO Beauty of the Year”, an award newly established this year to distinguish the essential beauty of female pro golfers, aims to support active and beautiful lives of women. Based on the concept of “Strong and Beautiful”, it is awarded to athletes who are beautiful and appealing as they demonstrate strength in competition, dignity in any circumstances, and a positive influence on society.
The winner, a most outstanding female professional golfer, is selected upon end of each season among athletes who played on the LPGA of Japan Tour and completed the prescribed total number of events. The selection is based on the following criteria: success in competition, contribution to society, and inward and outward beauty. The winner is announced and awarded at the LPGA Award Ceremony held in December.

Prize / Additional Prize (as of 2016)

Prize: 3 million Japanese yen
Additional Prize:
・Shiseido cosmetic products and Shiseido Parlour meal ticket (equivalent to 1 million Japanese yen in total value)
・Original trophy (designed by member of Shiseido Advertising and Design Department, *1)

*1 About the trophy
Concept: She is a pro who plays golf dashingly, with her swing well-honed by daily tempering and her strong spirit as her weapons. It shapes the beautiful twist of her body reminiscent of “wind”, which we took as a motif to embody her beauty and strength in a crystal.
Creative Director: Taisuke Kikuchi, Advertising and Design Department, Shiseido

Selection Process / Comment on Winner

■ Selection Process
The winner of the “LPGA SHISEIDO Beauty of the Year” award was selected through a strict screening process by the Internal Evaluation Committee set up by Shiseido which consisted of two committees: General Committee and Professional Committee. Its members included Shiseido’s representatives, specialists in the fields of beauty and fashion, as well as an independent member to enhance objectivity and evaluate nominees from an athlete’s point of view – Ms. Rie Tanaka, former artistic gymnast, currently Assistant Professor at Nippon Sport Science University, School of Childhood Sport Education.
■ Comment on Winner
Golf is played in tougher conditions than most other sports, including exposure to UV radiation and both heat and cold.
Lee Bo-Mee was highly acclaimed for her strong aesthetic sense despite these harsh conditions: her smooth skin as well as her taste in total outfit coordination, from clothes to accessories.
Moreover, Lee Bo-Mee was highly recognized for her aura of inner beauty as she never shows fatigue in front of mass media or fans, always interacting with them in fluent Japanese and with a smile.

[Evaluation Committee Members]
Chairperson of General Committee:
Masahiko Uotani – Representative Director, President and CEO, Shiseido Co., Ltd.
External member of General Committee:
Rie Tanaka – Assistant Professor, School of Childhood Sport Education, Nippon Sport Science University *2
Member of General Committee, Chairperson of Professional Committee:
Shigekazu Sugiyama – Corporate Executive Officer, Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Member of General Committee and Professional Committee:
Mikiko Soejima – Corporate Officer, Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Yoshie Takeuchi – Beauty Creation Department Director, Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Miyako Okamoto – Top Hair & Makeup Artist, Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Yoshiko Go – Fashion Director, Shiseido Co., Ltd.

*2 Rie Tanaka:
Former artistic gymnast. Assistant Professor at Nippon Sport Science University, School of Childhood Sport Education.
The first Japanese female athlete to receive the Longines Prize for Elegance at the 2010 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships for her highly aesthetic and mesmerizing performance. Winner of the individual all-around in 2012 Artistic Gymnastics NHK Trophy and All-Japan Artistic Gymnastics Championships the same year.
Executive Board member of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee.