Shiseido Chou-Mei-Sou Sponsors Yonagunijima One Round Marathon!

October 27th, 2016

Shiseido Chou-Mei-Sou (Botan bouhu) sponsors the 24th Japan Westernmost Yonagunijima One Round Marathon to be held on Saturday, November 12, 2016, in Yonagunijima, Okinawa – Japan’s westernmost island. On the day of the race, we will support runners at water stations by providing Shiseido Chou-Mei-Sou Drink N, which is produced of choumeisou (Peucedanum japonicum) cultivated in Yonagunijima. Shiseido Chou-Mei-Sou Drink N will also be presented to all participants as a participation award.

As a sponsor of Yonagunijima One Round Marathon, Shiseido Chou-Mei-Sou helps to vitalize the local economy of Yonaguni Island and supports the runners.

Shiseido Chou-Mei-Sou Drink N Shiseido Chou-Mei-Sou Drink N

About The 24th Japan Westernmost Yonagunijima One Round Marathon

This marathon makes the most use of the mild climate and picturesque natural scenery of Yonagunijima and is held with the slogan, “Let’s run the city at Japan’s westernmost point!” Runners from Okinawa as well as other prefectures come to experience what only Yonagunijima marathon can offer: enjoy the vast sky and the deep blue of the sea, run through the pastures where Yonaguni horses and cows are grazing, draw energy from the cheers of the locals heard along the course.
◆Date: November 12, 2016 (Sat)
◆Number of participants: 800 (expected)
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◆Highlights of the 23rd Japan Westernmost Yonagunijima One Round Marathon held in 2015

(Start) (Start)

(Shiseido Chou-Mei-Sou water station) (Shiseido Chou-Mei-Sou water station)

About Shiseido Chou-Mei-Sou

Shiseido Chou-Mei-Sou brand was started in September 2008, aiming consumers highly conscious of beauty and health and willing to make every day of their lives more beautiful through natural products. Shiseido favors choumeiso (Peucedanum japonicum) grown in the westernmost island of Japan, Yonagunijima, Okinawa, and uses only choumeisou cultivated in Yonagunijima for the products of the brand. The product comes in three forms: tablets, drink, and powder, and enjoys the support of numerous consumers for being tasty, easy to drink, and easy to make a habit.

From left to right: tablets, drink, powder From left to right: tablets, drink, powder

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